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Whether you’re looking to play jazz or classical, are starting from scratch or have been tinkering around for years, this is the spot to find the best online piano lessons that are right for you.

Top-Ranked Online Piano Lessons

I’m a firm believer that there’s no one single perfect course for everyone, so finding the “best” course is really a matter of finding the course that meets your needs.

In this post I provide my top recommendations for the following categories:

Each of these courses provides great training and comprehensive video lessons that make it easy for your to follow along with their lessons and take your playing to the next level!

The Best Free Online Piano Lessons

free piano lessons onlineThe #1 slot for the best free online piano lessons goes to: Learn piano in 30 days.

Learn Piano in 30 Days is a comprehensive program that takes you from scratch through an seasoned-intermediate level of playing very quickly.

The method focuses on how to have fun while learning the basic techniques you need to become a master pianist. You’ll learn how to read music and play by ear, which puts it way ahead of many of the other programs out there, which focus on just one method or the other.

Once you master the fundamentals, the course expands into techniques for refining your playing, and includes a ton of genre specific training options, including Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, and Gospel.

It’s also an active platform, with new updates and material being added all the time, making it by far the best beginner training available that lets you start for free.

Watch this video for more information:

free online piano lessons


The Best Beginner Piano Lessons

Piano for allPiano for All is the best comprehensive piano course available online. It is designed for beginning or intermediate students who want to learn quickly and sound like a professional in just a few weeks!

The course includes over 10 hours of video and audio lessons with interactive pdf-ebooks that provide practice and supplementary material. The classes walk you through an easy to follow method that will teach you the fundamentals of piano playing, including chord theory, improvisation, and playing by ear, making it perfect for the aspiring jazz musician.

The course is designed for adult or teenage students, and recommends a commitment of 20-30 minutes per day for rapid progress.

Check out this video to see a free sample lesson and learn more:

best beginner piano lessons online


Learn Jazz Piano Chords and Accompanying

One of the most important skills a modern piano player can have is to know how to accompany other musicians in a small group setting.

Whether you’re playing in a jazz quartet, a big band, or even a rock group, having a firm understanding of how chords function, and how you can build chords easily and quickly, is absolutely essential.

In my view, the best course for learning jazz and rock chords on piano (and how to put them into practice when accompanying a small group) is Piano Play It.

piano play it

I really love this course because of the wide range of styles and topics covered. It’s designed for a range of piano levels, from beginner through advanced.

The beginner courses start with basic chord structures, like triads and easy 7th chords, and teaches you how to put them into the right settings, using mostly easy rock tunes as examples.

The intermediate and advanced courses are where it gets more interesting, and the courses delve into how to choose the right jazz chord for a tune and how to shape the chord with your playing, depending on the other members of your group.

This really is a great course for anyone looking to beef up their chord repertoire.

Click the video below to learn more about what’s included in this great jazz piano course!

learn jazz piano chords

 Boogie Woogie and Blues Piano Course

Mastering blues piano is a challenging and fun process. As an educator, one of the best things about blues is that it’s fairly easy to get started learning a good boogie or blues tune, and you can sound good very quickly. That said, it can also take a lifetime to master. is great for any pianists that are at the beginning to intermediate level with their jazz and blues playing.

These blues lessons walk you through some of the basic patterns of boogie piano playing, and shows you how to combine the classic right hand licks over different left hand bass patterns.

This is also a great course because there are a number of lessons available for free, giving you a great opportunity to try out the method and teaching style before you decide whether or not the boogie woogie course is right for you.

Click the video below to learn more!

play boogie woogie and blues piano

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