1 — Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson is one of the greatest pianists to have ever lived. With over 5 decades of successful performance, he deserved every award and recognition he got throughou …read more

2 — Bud Powell Bud Powell is one of the most influential jazz pianists of all time, and the first pianist to begin to experiment with the bebop style. His style came from the famous ja …read more

3 — Keith Jarrett Keith Jarrett is an American pianist and composer of jazz and classical music who is best known for his very wide- ranging, improvisational style. He is most famous for h …read more

4 — Art Tatum Art Tatum is one of the undisputed jazz greats, often said to be one of the greatest jazz piano players that the world has ever known. Beginning from the time he was you …read more

5 — Red Garland Red Garland is perhaps most famous for his unique block chord style and expressive, classically-influenced right hand lines. He was a prolific performer and recorded exte …read more

6 — Wynton Kelly Wynton Kelly was one of the most influential Jazz piano soloists of his time. He utilized his gift of infusing individuality into the music, thereby etching his phrases o …read more

7 — Chick Corea Chick Corea is a famous American jazz pianist, composer, and keyboardist, who is most well known for his wide ranging and diverse styles of play. He has played almost eve …read more

8 — Bill Evans Bill Evans is a famous jazz pianist and composer most known for his influential style of playing classical jazz. He started playing classical piano at a very early age an …read more

9 — Erroll Garner Errol Garner is one of the most famous jazz composers and pianist of his time. He was a composer who never had any formal music education, learned by listening rather tha …read more

10 — Cecil Taylor Cecil Taylor is considered on the best jazz pianists for his time. He has been one source that was always uncompromising with his own existence as well. 1960’s was the ti …read more

11 — McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner’s name is one of the most celebrated names in the world of music due to his time with John Coltrane’s quartet. Widely known for his complex harmonies, unique …read more

12 — Ahmad Jamal Ahmad Jamal recorded his first album know as ‘Ahmad’s Blues’ on the Okeh Records. His other records included the folk tune of the time Poinciana and Billy Boy. He recorde …read more

13 — Count Basie Count Basie emerged as a striking figure in the swing era of jazz. His impressive piano playing skills and musical know-how made him win millions of hearts. According to …read more

14 — Duke Ellington At the age of seventeen, Duke Ellington started playing piano professionally. However, he formed his first group known as ‘Duke’s Serenaders’ in 1917. Songwriter and musi …read more

19 — Cedar Walton Cedar Walton is an American Hard Bop Jazz Pianist, and has enjoyed an exciting and up-tempo musical career for over twenty five years. He has worked with some of the most …read more

15 — Horace Silver Horace Silver was a remarkable jazz pianist and composer whose was influenced by a range of musical styles including African music, Latin American music and gospel music. …read more

16 — Herbie Hancock Herbie Hancock pioneered the post-bop style and was among the first jazz musicians to include music synthesizers in his songs. His music combined elements of rock, soul,…read more

17 — Thelonious Monk Thelonious Sphere Monk was one of the most influential pianists in jazz history, and though he is considered a pioneer of the bebop style, his compositions have had an im…read more

18 — Dave Brubeck Dave Brubeck is one of the most enthusiastic and legendary Jazz Players. In spite of belonging to a family with a musical background and getting tuitions in piano at a ve …read more

20 — Nat Cole Nat King Cole was a legend, one that inspired and influenced many musicians that came after him. A leader in jazz music, Cole conquered the charts in the late 50’s and e …read more

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